Board of Trustees

CAMComp Board of Trustees

The Construction Association of Michigan Workers’ Compensation Plan group self-insurance program is governed by a Board of Trustees. The total program is designed to give participants a greatly improved loss control program and help minimize the cost of workers’ compensation claims. How? Trustees and past trustees are CAM members with decades of experience in the construction industry.

Current Board of Trustees

Kevin French, Chairman
Poncraft Door

Gary Calkins
Calkins Rentals

Joe Derdelokas
Conci Painting Inc. 

Greg Degenhardt
Degenhardt & Sons

Joseph Fontanesi
Fontanesi & Kann Co.

Kevin Koehler
Construction Association of MI

Roger LaDuke
LaDuke Corp.

Past Board of Trustees

We appreciate the hard work and contributions our former board members have made to ensuring CAMComp is the #1 recommended group self-insurance program by CAM members.

Past Chairmen

Jack McKinney
City Elevator, Inc. 09-12

Stephen H. Ernst
Ernst Concrete & Supply  84-87

Rex Burns
Weldtube, Inc. 87-90

Fred Gee
The Gee Co. 81-92

Norm Felske
Prudential Painting Co. 92-09


Past Trustees

John W. Lanzetta
Michigan Tile and Marble Co.

Robert E. Wunderlich
The Wunderlich Co.

Robert E. Moldenhauer
West Detroit Glass Co.

James P. Howe
Howe Marz Glass

Stephen H. Ernst
Ernst Concrete Supply

Barbara Warren
Kaufmann Construction Co.

John Latella
B & A Structural Steel

Paul Keller
Attorney at Law

William Corliss
Corliss Brick Cleaners

Curt Hacias
Construction Association of MI

Jim Sinkel
Smith Brothers Electric

Frank J. Halik
Turner-Brooks, Inc.

Jack J. Schodowski
Shelving, Inc.

John A. DeMattia
Lerner-Linden, Inc.

Cletus Denninger
Irving Moscovitz & Sons

Fred Gee
The Gee Co.

Beverly Furnari
Fairwiew Construction

Rex Burns
Weldtube, Inc.

Mike Schodowski
Shelving, Inc.

Terry Makins
M.B.M. Fabrications, Inc.

Patty Phillips
Phillips Contracting

Dale McAtamney
Armor Glass & Metal, Inc.

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