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CAMComp is Here for You

CAMComp is a group self-insured workers’ compensation program designed for the construction industry and delivered by your peers in the construction industry. We understand you and your business needs. Safety pays at CAMComp: premiums not needed to pay claims, along with investment income, are returned to the CAMComp participant.

The Trustees who govern CAMComp have decades of experience in Michigan’s construction industry. Our staff knows workers’ compensation insurance inside and out. We promptly respond to claims and questions because we’re located right here in your area. If we can’t answer a question right away, we’ll get it for you and quickly get back to you.

We Empower You to Work Safely 

Here at CAMComp, we're dedicated to providing you the tips and tools you need to create a safer workplace.  From our safety courses to our compassionate and simple claims processes, everything we do is designed to help you get back to doing what you do best:

Building and running your business!

Your Essential Member Resources 

You'll find the most essential member resources and forms on this page, including our claims forms, payment portals, and our safety center.  We appreciate your business and if there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please let us know. 

And if there's any other resource you need or you're having trouble with our site, please contact us and we'll reach back out to you ASAP.  

When it comes to workers' comp coverage, you need a company that's on your side.

FACT: Most individual insurance programs collect premiums year after year - protecting their bottom line, not yours.

CAMComp invests your premiums, and if the premiums collected exceed the claims paid out, everybody wins.
With CAMComp, it pays to work safely.

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